Welcome to Piratesgames and have fun reading

Welcome to Piratesgames and have fun reading

The concept

Information about the Server

The idea behind why we have such a big map
(a 10x10 grid) is simply that we can offer the full content of the atlas. Thus, we can distribute all the island that Atlas offers on the 100 servers, of course, with matching biomes.
Furthermore you can drive on the ocean very well without having to be afraid to drive directly into an island / Sailing is all generously dimensioned that one performs very good PvP battles on the ocean.

With us PvP is not always on, since we all can not be awake 24 hours a day and also have a job or other things. This gives us a timer (time setting) from when PvP is activated and from when PvE is active again. The timer is set to stop at 20:00 PM on PvP and back to PvE at 23:00 PM (Time zone: Europe / Berlin). More details about the server settings can be found below.

The Crosschat or Global-Chat: If you write in the game in the Global-Chat, this message goes on all servers and also in our Discord.

PS: since we can not speak English well all texts were translated here with a translator should be unclear what you can ask for we try it then best possible to answer. should we have a better translation, the course is taken many thanks for the understanding.
Regards the server team of Piratesgames.net

The settings (Global)

The basic settings

3x XP (How many experience points you get.)
3x Farmen (How much material you get, per hit.)
2x Gold (How much gold you get per treasure map.)

The animal settings

3x Tame (How fast taming is done.)
10x Mating Speed ​​(How fast the animals mate.)
0.5x Mating interval
40x How fast the egg hatches.
40x How fast the baby will grow up.
0.5x How fast the baby consumes food.
4.0x How fast you can emboss the baby again.
0.6x Baby Cuddle interval.

Our values ​​can always be compared with the official server. On the official server all settings are 1x.
Further settings are possible and of course also announced here.
You can also wish server settings on the discord.

The Freeports

The Freeports settings

We currently have 8 freeports - and yes, there are all those. Since we really wanted to have all the content in it, that was important to us as well. So you have more opportunities to spawn in different regions.

On Freeports never will PvP be activated only PvE We would like to offer newcomers the opportunity to level up in peace and maybe even make plans to where the journey leads.

The Mods which are used

The Mods

Since we would like to choose together with you the mods are currently not installed on the server. We're going to host tribes on mods on the discord so everyone can have a say.

Our Events

Our Events

questions and answers

questions and answers

How do I get to the server?

Above is a button with "Atlas-PLAY!" All you have to do is click on it and your adventure can start!

I need help in the game!

We have a "command" in the game so you can contact us directly. Just use /help [your message]

How do I get to the Discord?

You can use this link: https://discord.gg/vUQsxBH or click directly on "Discord" above.

I caught someone cheating ...

Such things as well as insults you may also like in /help [your message] in the game directly report.

I can not get to the server?

First check if the servers are really online or in maintenance mode. You can check this directly in the Discord under the channel "server status" should the server be on, so you can also contact us directly then we can offer the individual support. You can also do this directly in the Discord under the language channel "Support" or you write directly to us.