Our rule

Our rule

Our rule

Unnecessary load for the grid

The additional building of islands in the form of unnecessary structures is prohibited. An example would be: I place floors all over the island or something similar to reserve it. If we catch you doing this, only a warning will be given at the first occurrence. If this happens twice, the ban follows.

More rules can follow - if necessary. But basically we don't want to prescribe everything, we appeal to common sense and social behavior.

questions and answers

questions and answers

How do I get to the server?

You can use the instructions we provide here or use Play Atlas at the Homesite.

I need help in the game!

We have a "command" in the game with which you can write to us directly. Just use / help [your message]

How do I get on the Discord?

You can directly click here or click on "Discord" above.

I caught someone cheating ...

You are welcome to report such things as well as insults under / help [your message] in the game.

I can't get to the server?

First check whether the servers are really online or are currently in maintenance mode. You can check this directly in the Discord under the channel "Server status" if the servers are on, you can also contact us directly we offer individual support. You can also do this directly in the Discord under the language channel "Support" or you can write to us directly.